Posted by: Mark Nielsen | December 25, 2013

Bring the Silly! Advent Reflections on the Sacred & Profane

Another of my Christmas classics from MARKing Time. Happy holidays, happy birthday, Jesus (even if you were not born in December really), and above all, …BRING THE SILLY!!!

Marking Time

Pythons’ Ministry of Silly Walks sketch, 1970

I woke up today with a Christmas conundrum dancing in my head like a sugarplum (Ahem… I said dancing, not silly-walking, though conundrums do walk silly as well).

Here was my puzzle:

Is Santa Claus a harmless, jolly old elf, or an important Christian saint — one whose faith and charity we have abandoned in our shallow, juvenile modern fascination with the NYSE closing bell and those cute little jingle bells? Or is he both?

On a personal level, and on a more year-round basis, the conundrum looks like this:

How can I expect anyone to take me seriously if I’m so consistently silly, juvenile or whimsical?

Conversely, how can I embrace my objectively unavoidable creative self — while still credibly addressing spiritually and classically serious matters like faith, contemplation, high art, education, social justice, philosophy and family dynamics.

What am I to do with myself? My Robin-Williams-randomness, my post-modern…

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