Posted by: Mark Nielsen | December 19, 2013

In Praise of Irish “Piss & Vinegar”

this is already old news to some, but permanent news for me… OTOOLE dead at 81, December 2013.

Marking Time

…I added the following short O’Toole thing during the week of O’Toole’s death [b. 1932, … died DEC 14, 2013]. He was 81.

Clips below… best I think is on the occasion of the publication of his first memoir, Loitering With Intent, in 1997.

Peter O’Toole with Charlie Rose – 1997

On the occasion of publishing Loitering With Intent, O’Toole talked to Charlie Rose –probably the best interviewer in history, or at least best-informed, with the most probing questions– about being Irish.

The Irish identity question comes at about 2:50 in the video clip, in a fifteen minute edited interview.

Rose: ‘ What does it mean to you to be Irish?’

Peter: ‘It’s almost the center of my being.
I can understand and reflect and indeed everything I think Of is colored by its history by its literature by it’s people by its geography. When the war…

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