Posted by: Mark Nielsen | January 15, 2016

Bowie’s cryptic Blackstar: What is the ‘villa of Ormen’?


In my ongoing quest to unlock the Secrets of the Universe, there’s a first line in the new Bowie song Blackstar that I’ve been looking into:

” In the villa of Ormen “…



See the re-blogged item above for another blogger’s suggestions that the word Ormen may refer to such varied ideas as a viking Christian crusader/king/killer (i.e. a profession or renunciation of faith, by one king or the other), or else a serpent, a maggot, and/or a region of Norway.

Additionally, there’s an award-winning 1966 Swedish film called ” Ormen” (Serpent) that may portray a villa in it ( a film that Bowie perhaps has a stray memory of).

Lastly, spelling it as  “Orman” leads to another possible locale, in Turkey, that does in fact feature vacation rental villas near the sea (maybe a spot Bowie’s been to?)

This morning I posted the following at Facebook, with a link to the official music video:

There are no atheists in foxholes. Considering this song and video (prominently featuring three men on crosses, and other biblical imagery), plus his song and video for “Lazarus”, Bowie had Jesus on his mind when he was staring mortality in the face. And if I may, I’m sure God had and has Bowie (and us) on His/Her/Their mind as well. “Heroes”? I’ve had a lot of them over the years. David Bowie is definitely in the team picture. So let’s take his lead and listen to our bandleader, manager, venue owner, True Friend, etc…the one who called himself The Son of Man, …the One who’s always seeking us, and calling out the chord changes, who didn’t just compose the song but literally invented “sound and vision”.

We shouldn’t have to be dying to consider what it means to live with a greater purpose in our minds and hearts. Follow up on your hunger for significance, for a divine connection, for answers to the Big Questions. David had the guts to keep at it. (And I’m glad you “fell to earth”, brother. Many thanks, see you when I get there.)

Then looking into that vague reference led me as well to a study of David Bowie’s life, death, and symbology/mythology over the years (and especially on his final album). There’s sometimes been a whiff of the occult (people like Alistair Crowley) in his lyrics, and in interviews, since the early 7Os. But this shape-shifting writer/performer may have just been “playing a part”, using such ideas for their thought-provoking power or public shock value, while not actually subscribing to them in full.

Over the years we see also Christian symbols (on this album alone: Lazarus,  “prodigal son”, “virgin”, “atonement”, “Great I Am”), Jewish Kabbalah, modernist philosophers and painters, and all manner of other ideas, many rooted in the Romantic poets of the early 1800s, and/or early 20th century “mystics” like poet William Butler Yeats.

I’ve now also read through all the lyrics for the whole album (which can be found here) and Ormen seems one of only a few proper nouns he even used on this swan song project. Ever-evasive, he likely wanted it all left to a listener’s own subjective interpretation.

On the far end of the nutty spectrum, there are a few Illuminati/apocalypse-watchers who are calling the album prophetic, foretelling the coming of a mysterious Planet X, and a major shift in human existence during 2016. Since they said the same thing about 2012, I think we can relax about this one.

Star Man, wherever you’ve gone, thanks for blowing our minds while you walked among us.



  1. Well maybe david bowie died..cuz he had to let him go in order to live. Its like a mystery to me..nothing actually came straight from the horses mouth. Just a post on facebook twitter who knows where it started. It’s all so odd that is really makes sense but isn’t that what he did best.


    Saw this link and it freaked me out. Look at the image of the closet/armoire.

  3. There is quite a bit going on with the song Blackstar and the video. I am led to believe that maybe he still had love left for the first love of his life. She broke his heart and left the country to do a film in of all places Ormen, in Normandy. I would go on but I would definitely hijack the comments section.

    • Do you mean Hermione Farthingale?

      • Yes. And if it is a “mouse tail” on the girl who goes to the Major Tom corpse it would represent ” the girl with the mousy hair” from Life On Mars.

  4. He’s singing about the serpent, as well as many other occult references, this man is a known satanist. He is blasphemous toward Jesus. He is anything but a hero.

    “Something happened on the day he died
    Spirit rose a metre then stepped aside
    Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried
    (I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar)”

    • Hrmmm, I took it as in reference as after Hermione left him a part of him died. Which took him into his Major Tom and Ziggy Stardust phases, along with his growing addiction to cocaine. Therefore he was a Blackstar, creative but dark. And he has been quoted as believing in God, Christ and the afterlife. While on and even kicking his addictions he took some rather dark walks into philosophies, religions, etc. But I don’t think he ever renounced anything. Even myself has studied Crowley, doesn’t make me satanic though.

    • Not believing in the crap written in the bible does not make anyone a satanist. Jesus, God, Satan are created by man, blasphemy is simply realism that the brainwashed can’t accept.

      • How much are the jews paying you?

    • you are so so wrong. he sang every song to aid our soon to be Savior.

  5. The ‘Villa of Ormen’ is the new ‘Priory of Sion’ in the same way that 69 is the new 27

  6. Does anyone know the inspiration behind the song “What in the World” from David’s LOW lp? Thanks so much.

  7. Did anybody go on tumblr and visit ‘villa of Ormen’? all the posts were made within the last year.

  8. Not that anyone will, but look into Greg Hallett.
    Everything is symbolic and codified and it does speak of events to come, but more in line with a chess game with the royals & illuminati on one side, Greg being a history revisionist correcting information, usually beyond people’s ability to believe. The false flags that will happen in London, NYC, Tokyo, Milan (Paris is now past) will also be secret acknowledgment of the proper royalty.

  9. Did anyone find it strange that Bowie didn’t have a funeral? Something keeps niggling in my mind that he may have had done what is shown at the end of the video with the skull? I’ve just watched videos on youtube who think he used Euthanasia to end his life. I think when Imam is strong enough to face the world again, we’ll find out more. Aww all too sad for me, he was my hero from the age of 5, listened to my big brothers playing Bowie all the time.

  10. I have never had any “Hero”; there are however, those people of great talent I enjoy, and rather than sludge through a mire of “mixed philosophies”, I choose to enjoy the music and imagery. I am a religious person, but I do allow a certain class and type of personage to have a bit of leeway; to use images and sounds as Art, and not some manner of theology. Throughout History, all manner of words and symbols have been changed or omitted simply because of “who” used the symbols or words lately. A very early Boy Scouts Book series had a symbol – a swastika, on the spine of each Book above the Titles; a symbol used for ages as good luck. So what if Bowie used a mix of “eerie” and “Crowley-esc” imagery; everyone meets death their own way; and I believe for Bowie, it allowed a real no-holds-barred time to create a masterwork, with no limitations in speech or vulgarity or religious norms; the last LP and Videos, and a later EP, and Video for “No Plan”, is Art. None of it changes or affects my beliefs in God; I see and hear a talented man who is dying, and wishes to leave a work behind that very few will forget for some time to come. Imagery and Sound, or the lack of it, for when David Jones was not yet Bowie, he was a Mime. Perhaps you can find a video of “The Mask”, a very early work that is an extension of Bowie, as Blackstar is. Art.

  11. i believe Bowie is saying “.. in the villa of Amen.” correct me if i’m wrong, but i’m not. he is an Angel–the one at the left Hand Of God. the villa of Amen is a take off off Minaville N.Y., where the Holy Family Resided for years.
    also, i have the Golden Tablets of Morman concern and the spearhead that pierced my.. used at the crucifixion.
    i am the Right Hand Of God.

  12. All i can say is a HUGE BUNCH OF YOU ARE COMPLETLY BLIND the love of the father is not in you at all…. he is a santanist anyone who knows anything about bowie KNOWS THAT FOR A FACT… on this video the skull in the space suit is LUCIFER HOW THE HECK YOU DONT KNOW THAT CAUSE YOU DONT READ OR STUDY SCRIPTURE AND IT SHOWS…….LOOK AT THE STONES ON THE SKULL WHAT ARE THEY ????? What reference proves where he got this from hummmmmm lets see could it be the book of EZEKIEL CHAPTER 28:11 TO17HUMMM 28:13 EXPLAINS WHY BOWIE HAD THE STONES ON THE SKULL …… LOOK UP. BLACK STAR LOOK UP BLACK SUN AND THE PRACTICES THAT GO ALONG WITH THIS NONSENSE …..FOR CRYING OUT LOUD THEIR ON A CROSS MOCKING THE MESSIAH YOU CANT SEE THAT REALLY

    • Ok friend. I’ll look into it. Thanks.

  13. And in a related story: David’s pal Iggy Pop, and Eagles of Death Metal co-leader Josh Homme (whose 2015 Paris show got shot up by ISIL terrorists), made a whole 2016 album about mortality, artists’ legacy, and/or Mr. Bowie. –see my report/review here:

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