Posted by: Mark Nielsen | April 4, 2019

Anglo-American Franco-Afghan Tibetan Mantra Blues

God’s Woodshed” , Near Downs, IL

. . . . .

English Apocalypse American science Greek rhythm Tibetan mantra Blues

(after Allen Ginsberg’s “What I’d Like to Do”, London, 1973) [

[composed 4/4/19 in honor of National Poetry Month]

Change the title of Allen’s never-begun poem so it flows,

For once get the clean, well-lighted spot on the couch without fighting the dog for it,

Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Fraud In Chief will do time

(or at least go down in a bloodless coup),

Understand what the Greeks –classical and current– have to do with anything,

Finish my novel so the damned Apocalypse can come already,

Step in that river naked again and come out finally clean and free of poison

(inside and out),

Put a pin in that and come back to it later,

Out-Blake Willie Blake by combining collage, poetry, music, projected video and live dancers in a blindfolded rhythmic homage to Laurie A.

(featuring Trump standing trial for eating Chuckberries off the Obama bush),

Finally mix apples and oranges without anyone giving me a hard time about it

(hey, I like apples and oranges exactly equally),

Compose songs to the sun and the son and the Son, and soon,

Find me guilty and give me a full pardon already,

Learn to play and sing “House of the Rising Sun” without reading, without stumbling and without stopping,

See London, see France,

See and be everyone everywhere all at once

(with their eyes but with my own heart),

Reverse-interpret Lorca, Rimbaud, Eliot, cummings and Scooby Doo, back into “tongues of angels” as they were originally composed and intended,

Eat a… Heck, eat whatever I want, without consequences,

Get over myself,

Bring home the troops,

Send the Afghans their heroin back– along with some books, clean water, and carpentry tools so they can do their own nation-building,

Seek peace, find it, and give it away.

–Illinois, 2019

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