Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 22, 2018

23andMe for Graham B

profile Shaker shot -myspace -shotcirca 2006-ish

Mark and Graham in Shaker Meeting House, Hancock, MA – 2006

  • Below is a summary of the 23 and Me DNA/ancestry info that my son Graham was able to share with me, plus my note to him, trying to break it down.
    Since I don’t think I’ve got anything to hide, I’m putting it up on my blog for posterity and/or safe-keeping. It may also be of slight interest to the general public, as far as figuring out how the 23andMe company determines their categories.
    We’re almost all mutts here in the USA, and we already knew Graham was even more varied. But perhaps it’s got a surprise or two below, as you’ll see…
    From the Heartland of America, For Better or For Worse,
    — — — —


    Graham B. Nielsen



    French & German


    British & Irish




    Eastern European






    Broadly Northwestern European


    Broadly Southern European


    Broadly European


    Western Asian & North African




    My message to Graham re above:

    Hey! I’m here, but maybe they don’t let me see as much as I’m hoping they let you see. I’d like to know if they give you any health DNA info or other (though they’ll probably want you to pay for all that).

    • …… I can see your 98.3% Euro, plus its breakdown by region. And I also see the (unexpected but hoped-for) 1% Western Asian and North African!  … whatever that means. At least it’s vaguely exotic. Like we said, Sicily was a little bit African or Arab, so that’s the most likely scenario, but you never know……
    • The weird one is the Italian, which we expected to be around 25% but is only half that?! It’s weird. But I suppose the “Broadly Southern Euro” must account for the rest of the Italian….
    • These “Broadly…” things are quite annoying if you ask me…..
    • I think my and your Danish ancestry is more skewed toward German than Scandinavian here, genetically. Non-technically, I was always told that my Grandpa Nielsen was 100% Danish, but that might be people’s laziness and estrangement from family, where they maybe didn’t care about ancestry enough to be more precise. I never heard nothin’ about my paternal great-grandparents, cuz my dad had issues with his dad…
    • The French, Eastern Euro (Czech) and/or Balkan, that’s all going to be mostly from Grandma Tressler Nickerson… plus the German and Broad NW Euro is mostly from her (tho some Broad NW Euro may be from Grandpa Nick… and/or there’s Denmark and some unknowns, as I’ve said, on my father’s side).
    • As for Grandpa Nickerson’s mother… I don’t know much history or parentage on that side.
    • Also on my dad’s side, especially his grandparents, I hardly ever heard any details….
    • So, in summation: no huge surprises, but that little 1% bit of African or Middle Eastern element was what I was always curious about. It most likely dates back at least six (?) generations, though– and possibly 10+ generations. I’m bad at math. (ha!)

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