Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 13, 2017

“I’m in love with Kim Gordon”, a Beat-style blurt by Mark Nielsen


( by Mark Nielsen, 9-13-17… with a debt to the William Burroughs documentary “A Man Within”, (c)2010 )


I’m in love with Kim Gordon,

who’s in love with the most, 

with more, always More

(with thirst on the moors, 

since Moore is less). 
I was once in love with Bill who Burrows,

who’s ever in love with Allen Ginsberg,

who’s only ever been in love 

with himself. 

Don’t be a Beat.

Be like Mike Stipe. 

Don’t believe the hype. 
We are, all of us, 

a shitty, pretty, chaotic mess

(knots of neuroses, webs of lies, 

all shades of a type: rotten-not-ripe),

a miasma of cataclysmic phantasmagoric lysergic surgical merging

on the verge of collapse.
Stay away, for your own safety.

Don’t even think about joining us.

We don’t even want to be here,

where we are.

Except Allen, of course.

He only ever leaves to go looking for God’s pusher, 

aka Od Byblan.
What if the Prince of Peace 

threw a wedding and nobody came, 

not even the bride?

Would He call Crate and Barrel 

to see who had bought him gifts, 

but kept them for themselves?

Would he hunt down his bride 

and shoot a shot glass off her head?

Would he seek a hustler instead?

Take two Perky Dans and go straight to crooked bed?

Make some bread?

Stay with Yoko for a honeymoon week in bed?

Or grab a Magnum and end up… Republican?

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