Posted by: Mark Nielsen | December 23, 2016

Trump, Fossil Fuels, and a Cabinet Coup Like Never Before


“Trump, Putin and the Pipelines to Nowhere”, by Alex Steffen :

My own analysis of the article, especially the “Cabinet Coup”:

I’ll say it again, friends…

Follow the money.

As in oil, gas and coal money. 

As in Russia being an old-style economy propped up almost solely by petrochemical exports. As in China “developing” and keeping economically competitive by not regulating carbon burning, polluting even the air in their own capital city up to dangerous levels. 

Trump’s cabinet and his companies and his powerful friends –and even their enemies/competitors– all MUST perpetuate the myth of carbon-dependency, lest they all lose billions and trillions of dollars when the *economic* Carbon Bubble eventually pops. 

Do the math. Chao/McConnell (a husband/wife team) –her in Transportation and him manipulating Congress. “Texas” Rick Perry heading up Energy? Exxon CEO and Putin pal Tillerson as SECRETARY OF STATE?!?

Yes, what Trump says or does matters. But power is more dispersed than that in the U.S. government.

Meanwhile the horizon Trump’s investor crew is looking at is just 8 years out or less. They don’t care that an economic crash rivaling 1929 –or worse– is likely within a decade or less. They’ll get in now, make trillions (probably in “infrastructure” development, private security contracts with the government or multinational corporations, stuff like that ), then they’ll get out before the Carbon Bubble pops, leaving poor dumb suckers like me to drown (in debt, or else in the IRREVERSIBLY rising sea levels).

As for mortal wounds to the planet (a million cumulative paper cuts with every fossil fuel ton we burn), and as for billions of deaths at a time in about 80 years (because no president can bend other nations to his or her will, nor prevent private panics, nor tsunamis, nor hurricanes, nor glacial melting)… we have to switch to renewable energy ASAP, before our grandchildren end up in some sort of Mad Max nightmare scenario.

Trump is Big Oil, Big Auto, Big Agro, Big Banking and Mother Russia’s gutsy “All-in” bluff, in a deadly Texas Hold’em game. They’re playing poker with Mother Nature, but using my own tax dollars to play. 

But Mother Nature is The House, and the house always wins. 


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