Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 29, 2016

The OfficePirate Mutiny! Yaaarrr!!! (Memes t’ fire upon yer targets…)



The Office Pirate Revolution Primer. Volume 1.

If ye wants t’  joins me crew’, th’ above actions shall be yer initiation. Only dem what presents that there stolen mug or cake knife shall be allow’d  t’  board me personal and mos’ feared clipper ship, Th’ Paper Tiger.




The item above IS a call t’ arms!!! … ‘specially fer those who be wantin’ a message in keepin’ wit’ current events. “Th’ only way they’ll take away me dagger is by pryin’ it from me cold, dead hands…” (Hey! Anyone who wants ta put that motto on a bumper sticker t’ sell –an’ also gimme a thirty percent cut, o’course– jus’ send me a message an’ we’ll cuts us a deal today!)




If ye has an original thought when yer part of me crew, ye keeps it t’ yerself if ye knows what’s good fer ye. Chances are if ye shares it, I’ll be stealin’ it, ye scurvy knaves!



I doan’ wanna be hearin’ from ye animal rights activists, now. We pirates is okay witt bein’ held t’ a lower standard.

Besides, a dead pigeon beats a live parrot any day o’ th’ week. Who’s witt me on dis?



I’ll see ye across the bay to divvy up our booty. An’ if ye don’t know the password, it’ll be a mighty wide an’ bloody smile ye will go t’ yer grave witt.

Yer Ol’ Trustworthy Mate,

Cap’n Lilac Beard

Bridgetown, Port of Barbados






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