Posted by: Mark Nielsen | June 21, 2016

“What I Did at Work Today”, by The Terminator

I stopped a sad, circling-the-drain drunk/high young man who got fired yesterday (and had the EMTs called) from trying to re enter his former workplace. I treated him with dignity, he appeared to be unaware he was fired, but he left quietly.  
I often wish life was less interesting than it is.
But as long as he doesn’t come back armed, I’ll be okay.

Will he be okay? Not without the Higher Power he won’t.


It’s a temp assignment for me anyway. I may even apply for this poor kid’s job (a better fit for my skills and my nature than security work will ever be).
Last week, the drama was a heroin withdrawal patient and other lost souls (not all, but too many) coming in at a hospital ER in Peoria.

When I’m tempted to think I’m in a bad place, for awhile to come, now I’ll probably remember the man I sent packing today, and his long walk home back across the parking lot (he had no car).

As a friend of mine once said, the Good News makes a lot more sense when we see and admit the bad news is often pretty bad.



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