Posted by: Mark Nielsen | April 1, 2016

Worldmakers’ Creation Station Workshop

[A promotional flier to paste on the lamp post at the edge of the Milky Way]

Angels and WorldMakers’   “Creation Station” Workshop

.                     .                       .                   .

Angels! Hamicrobytes! Time Bridgers! Come one, come all… to the

Angels and Worldmakers’ Creation Station Workshop

First and Third Tuesdays at…

Third Planet from Sol (Star 8342.91v), USA, New York, Soho YMCA (in the alley, behind the wheel of the dumpster, on Bacterium 20047565, Conference Room)

Session 7, April 5, 2016 (Earth Calendar)

TOPIC – Jacob’s Ladder

GUEST PRESENTERS – Jacob, Son of Isaac and his collaborator Guardian Gil, of the 12th Generation Guardians

Come meet the Man with the Plan, and the Angel who whispered it in his ear. See how they transformed a planet, starting from a ragtag tribe of well-intentioned homo sapien desert-dwellers, a few rotten apples, and the simple idea that even a bad race of beings deserves a second chance.

  • “Atomic Brainstorming Techniques”: Put some Quantum into your Physical Manifestations
  • “Micro to Macro and Bacro Again”: Learn economies of scale, practice the “bait-and-switch” sales and propaganda strategy, and see how the “Too Big to Fail” revolution brought the Roman Empire to its knees —then 2000 years later taught American economists how to fit a camel through a needle’s eye!
  • “Beat Peculiar” : Watch guest performers Homer of Greece, Allen Ginsberg of Greenwich Village and Common of Chi-raq engage in battle-rhyming and protest poetry. Hear how the finest minds of each man’s generation were turned to oatmeal. Then write some rabble-rousing epic poetry of your own, creating a story that will create a reality that will inevitably either save or ruin millions of lives. (Take your pick! It’s all in good fun.)

Wear loose clothing or no clothing, and absolutely no metal, so that you can move between universes easily. Bring a friend for a 5% discount on admission.

And above all, come prepared to have fun! The Family of Man is depending upon it!

Admission: 10 Comet Credits, or barter by offering your services for 3000 years.


Inspired by a writing prompt and blog post at:

fun with writing prompts

Illustration above, for article ‘The Scientist, The Humanist, and Us’ (1981) by Ron Walotsky in Future magazine.


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