Posted by: Mark Nielsen | March 21, 2016

Trump as Hamlet: Will he be Mel Gibson, Kenneth Branagh, Ethan Hawke or Moe Howard?

Our favorite Stooge Moe knows his Shakespeare, and he runs a clean campaign, too…


SIMON CRITCHLEY, philosopher, on how not to repeat the stupidity of history, from the Greeks thru the present day, in a blog interview on nonviolence at NY Times recently:

A highlight:

So the point of Shakespeare is not to give us simple answers or reassuring humanistic moral responses to violence, but to get us to confront the violence of our own histories. “Hamlet” gives us many warnings, but perhaps the most salient is the following: If we imagine that justice is based on vengeance against others, then we are truly undone.”

And… regarding the theatrical  “tragedy” that is being (perpetrated?) played out by the Trump campaign and GOP fringe:

Theater of Trump that has exploded (re the recently canceled Chicago Prez campaign rally)

…Shades of the DNC in Chicago in 1968, and the Chicago 8, and cops out to bust some heads, especially brown and/or “long-haired” heads.

It’s not just about race, or the economy, or immigration, or violence, or any one issue. It’s about who owns the Future and who gets to frame our view of the elusive “Truth”. Will it be Salesmen, Kings, Priests/Imams, Writers (aka the professional media in all its crazy and self-biased iterations),  or The People?

My blog post for the day, inspired by the above:

Today’s history/literature/politics/creative non-violence lesson, courtesy of current philosopher Simon Critchley:

“So the point of Shakespeare is …”

Why is The Donald angry, mean-spirited, and so much the-guy-you-hate-to-love or love-to-hate? Because that’s what people like to watch, the best and worst of our appetite for “political theater”. He channels our anger about the legitimate tragedies of modern life (a useless Congress, CEOs as kings and kingmakers, refugees out the wazoo, lost jobs, wars that lead down dead-end alleys, etc…) . Plus, Trump’s legitimately funny. He’s bold and audacious in ways that most people only dream of being. He’s like Hamlet: a rich, charismatic, really weird son of a modern-day king. Only a lot dumber. Let’s not be so dumb.

Actor #1 (Reagan) set us on this course. But at least he was sincere (if 80% wrong, especially about the de-regulation avalanche that led years later to the 2008 economic collapse). We can’t put a liar, tyrant and poser on the throne, like this is just the inevitable plot for “Actor #2:The RE-Actor”. In November, we get to fire him. Then we’ll figure out the rest later, like how to get Lady Hillary Macbeth to stop pitching us the script for that “Boomers’ Revenge” sequel, and finally restore some common sense, accountability and bipartisanship to government.

“Meet the new bosses. Same as the old bosses… “

Chicago Convention The Whole World is Watching 1968 …


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