Posted by: Mark Nielsen | December 19, 2015

God’s Own Morse Code (orig. poem by Mark Nielsen)

The pilleated woodpecker in winter.


God’s Own Morse Code (The Truth Draws Close) – 4-17-14


I listened, and I watched,

and the pilleated woodpecker set me straight:

“Do not be deceived.

For there are those to whom the truth draws close,

and yet understanding is not quite achieved.”

In God’s own Morse code she tapped it out.

She was seeking only a bug for breakfast,

and yet in her eating she fed me:

“There are beautiful lies in the universe–

or at the very least lies wrapped in beautiful clothing,

made by us, or by our enemy

slyly hiding in the brush.

He waits and waits,

and soon, most creatures take the bait.”

And I began to let go of some of my own lies–

the ones my childlike monkey mind made up,

or others that my brothers told me, or sold me,

which even now they still think are true.

Lies are our inheritance,

just as much as truth.

Except one binds us while the other sets us free.

The one leads to life,

while the other eats and is eaten,

and thus when we believe it we are beaten.

“They had completed a human being’s first duty: which is to think about himself until he has exhausted the subject. Then he is in a condition to take up minor interests and think of other people. This changes the complexion of his spirit, generally wholesomely.” -Mark Twain, “Was It Heaven or Hell?”


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