Posted by: Mark Nielsen | December 1, 2015




Rescued/Abducted           (for Susan, on her birthday… 11-30-15)


On a rainy Black Friday I made you think

that you made me watch not one but two

good goofy rom-coms, when actually

I prefer them to action movies

any day of the year, especially with you.


Then even though you used one extra string of lights

on our long-awaited Christmas tree,

you came up short on one or two of the bottom branches.

No perfectionists here! It was cute– as if

the tree’s underwear was showing, and we didn’t even care.


Earlier I showed you –and yes, all my Friends too—

a whimsical photo I had taken downtown: on an overcast day,

a young woman carried a white mannequin with a bag on its head

on a State Street crosswalk. I debated calling it “The Abduction”,

but being the optimist here, instead I dubbed it “The Rescue”.


You looked at the photo and with no prompting from me

cynically recommended I call it a kidnapping.

Then I loved you more, for seeing what I see:

both the sunny-side up and the ugly underbelly,

and for speaking on behalf of mannequin rights worldwide.


Meanwhile we’re both so scared that something is wrong,

or some crime is in the making, that we sometimes miss

what’s good and right and true, what’s right there for the taking.

But I don’t have the ransom money, darling.

I guess you’ll just have to keep me. (But take the bag off my head.)



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