Posted by: Mark Nielsen | August 12, 2015

Godness  -orig. poem by Mark Nielsen

Mark in front of an Alex Van Halen drum kit at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH. Godness is also a heavy backbeat...

Mark in front of an Alex Van Halen drum kit at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH. Godness is also a heavy backbeat…


Godness.           By Mark Nielsen
God is a Person,

and a Metaphor.

Meta- for you, beyond you, under you, in you.

Physical yet formless.

Specifically universal, momentarily endless.

He is Energy’s fingers gone silent,

glacially patient,

immensely sub-atomic.

God is not everything, but everyness.

And thinginess.

Thick, juicy, medium-rare Yesness —

with a side of fries and a diet No.

For dessert: a ripe peach.

God is human weakness,

cedarly strong treeness,

clear sentenceship.

Spirit Friend is wildness, caution

and kindness, always kindness.

She is not rest but bedliness

(and dreams,

especially those of children).

They is not action but Being–

now acting, now accepting,

now bleeding at the crack of my own whip.

A state of being that rushes at you

like a falcon in full stoop,

playing “chicken”,

daring you not to duck.

God is her hand on my cheek,

waking me to the day and to myself…

with her and with God-in-her.

Godness is full newness, nowness,

rooted in and growing from

yesterday’s decaying compost,

hopeful about tomorrow–

though hold that hope loosely.

It is no weapon,

just a life-preserver made of bread.

Life in God means

todaying with great joy, compassion and vigor,

yet tentatively reaching for,

flowing toward, arriving at

and resting in

foreverwhere and neverwhen.

All metaphors, figureheads,

pictures, symbols,

nouns and adverbs

necessarily fall short.

God is a verb.

I God you.

— —

MSN, Chicago, 8-12-15



  1. Hi Mark, you are a wordsmith! I am also, sort of, I “love” words. I forget how much I love them until I come across a fascinating one. All the way back in high school I had a book of words. Kind of like a “learn-a-new- word-a-day” book. Weird thing for a teenager but I enjoyed learning new words.

    • Thank you for the encouragement. Sorry for the long-delayed response. Let that love for words flow, and let it lead you to greater love for the Word who was God.

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