Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 3, 2014

yes… i, mark of marking time, am still here

Can't a guy get some peace & quiet around here. Taken somewhere in Appalachia by Mark... maybe West Virginia?

Can’t a guy get some peace & quiet around here. Taken somewhere in Appalachia by Mark… maybe West Virginia?


If you are a friend or semi-regular reader here at MT, this is for you. The rest of you: “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

This is a note just to say that –prompted by my buddy George– i have just looked back at my lack of blog posts for exactly the past month [1-3-14 ]  (a month which featured the putting out of several figurative “fires”, lots of bad day job work for low pay, a burgeoning romantic relationship, a sick friend, a slightly busted computer, some conga/djembe drumming, some churching, a weekend-long retreat, more jobseeking, work and play with The Boy, plus probably a half dozen other possibly higher priorities). Nevertheless:      Ugh! I feel so stretched and off my game.

Some new poems still come forth now and then, and I have started several posts on music, contemplative spirituality, and other frequently-tackled topics… and then I get called back to work, and well, y’know, …the flame of inspiration not always as fresh later on. So on the back burner it goes, where hopefully the slow simmering will be good for the newish, now ripening, material. Or it will die on the vine, especially if it was self-indulget crap and deserves to die.

But… I am fine. For now, this placeholder and Groundhog-hugging greeting will have to do. I’m not sure if I will see you tomorrow — or not until spring!

M. Sebastian


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