Posted by: Mark Nielsen | December 13, 2013

Guided (an original poem)

revisiting a few old blog posts this week… some Christmas related, some not. i kind of forgot about this older poem of mine. but i hope it is still pretty good. if nothing else, adorable picture of Graham.

Marking Time

Brothers and sisters,
what is happening to you now–
what feels like your teeth being pulled out–
is happening for a reason.
God used a wayward Lakota,
on the mend, a true friend,
to get you away from those drunk with power.
He uses a recession
to break your obsessions
and relieve your depression.
The Surgeon cuts out tumors with precision
and schools you in the triumph of submission.
He puts you in a cell,
putting time itself upon a shelf,
so you will see what you need to live
and what is killing you slowly.
God will use anything:
like an iPhone and a password —
a painful family secret —
to guide you out of your sordid past
and into your bright future.
But that hard work is done for now.
It is the ninth hour.
Rest now.
Step off the street and into the sanctuary.
Take an hour to be who you have become.
Do not do. Just…

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