Posted by: Mark Nielsen | November 12, 2013

Eleventy Se7en Reasons for Thanks


Mark and Graham in Shaker Meeting House, Hancock, MA - 2006

Mark and Graham in Shaker Meeting House, Hancock, MA – 2006

Eleventy Seven Reasons For Thanks (original poem by Mark Nielsen)

Don’t mind me.

I’m not trespassing,
I work here, picking up trash,
to clean up this curs’ed world.
I’m trying to fall in love with the world again,
To remember how much God loves me.
We ought to give this earth back to the birds.

At least they won’t wreck the place.

This is why I am not convinced
That we are evolving:
10,000 years, and all we’ve learned are better ways to kill each other.
40 dead men in the Hoover dam. 40,000 in Afghanistan.

When I can hear the truth
….in the midst of all the chatter,
if there is still cause to be grateful,
It is this:

The wetness of the dew in a Springmorning.
Baby’s first tooth.
Planes, trains and automobiles.
Old time rock ‘n roll:
Cab Calloway, Exile on Main Street, and Daft Punk‘s Get Lucky.
Michelangelo and Andy Warhol.
Les Miserables.
An honest day’s work,
Whether we get paid or not.
The love of a parent or child,

of a good woman or good man…

A good movie,
or even a fun bad one.
The color green–

No! Make that red, …oh heck, all the colors, really.
Orion’s Belt.
(though I don’t really like the taste, personally).
Sewers and indoor plumbing.
Dogs and laws,
and grace of all kinds.

A good community surrounding us,

to give us visible proof of an invisible God.
Ordinary holiness.
We give thanks for this.
We give thanks because we must.
We give thanks because we can.

The world is a gift,
but only if we give it back to itself,
not when we hoard it or ignore it.
It does not belong to us.

We give it back.

*  *  *

I dunno why the last line above ended up Bold when I pasted it in here… does the Holy Spirit work thru the IOS and some glitch in Gmail’s software?



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