Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 21, 2013

Peter’s Song (original poem by Mark Nielsen)

Pneuma = Divine breath or wind

Pneuma = Divine breath or wind


Peter’s Song    (9-20-13 by Mark Nielsen)

Carry me across the Big Water,
let me return out to where
The horizon is flat 360° around.
Out beyond where blackflies bite
and traffic copters hum.
Let me go back to where I was born.

Let my sails be caught by the divine pneuma,
Which sets me adrift for 40 days
upon the only uncharted wilderness we have left
this side of Earth’s atmosphere.

Take me away from all this pollution,
distraction and destruction.
Teach me how to navigate the inner universe,
plotting a course by Ursa Major
and the Southern Cross.
Take me to the back gate of the temple,
Hidden on a secret island in the middle of nowhere.

Give me that treasure map before I go,
a spyglass
to correct my faulty, short-sighted vision,
And a decent net to catch my dinner.
Please, quickly, before I forget how to fish.

Or are these blackfly bites
and dogs nipping at my heels
Your way of telling me to stay here?
That Samaritan woman told you
That even the dogs
deserve scraps from the Master’s table.
And you listened and agreed, healed her deepest wound.
There is no running away.
There is only suffering through –transforming the pain
and letting it transform me.

In that case meet me on the beach.
You make the fire,
I will bring the fish.




  1. Good poem dude. I like the interaction of the real & the enchanted. You are a poet for sure.

    • Much thanks, Dave Bear. This one mostly sprung at me from the dunes and waves, and most of all the wind of course. Like a frisbee toss from Jesus: “Go long!” — Re-enchantment of the real is a great privilege, as I’m sure you know. Keep it more than real, …keep it enchanted this week…

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