Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 4, 2013

FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)

Oh. Right. Thanks, Mrs. Hall. That about covers it. [Click the photo, or the link below, to read the whole Letter to America’s Teenage-Girl-Sexy-Selfie Nation.)

A sentiment endorsed by moms and dads of every stripe and shade.

A sentiment endorsed by moms and dads of every stripe and shade.

FYI (if you’re a teenage girl).



  1. As a father, I’m not impressed.

  2. Also true, Mr. E. (re slut-shaming being “blame-the-victim” thinking, or that letters like the above item are gender-biased traditionalism that holds a double standard).

    But *both* messages need to be put forward… 1) that both genders have to share responsibility for the “sexuality” of the communications they put out into the world (and/or consume… as with porn); 2) that girls or women have actual and not shame-worthy bodies, sexuality, and/or desires for affection and attention, all of which are not so different from guys’ feelings, down deep.

    You and I saw some aspects of the generation gap on this at the North Coast Music Fest just the other day
    [ ].

    IMO, we’re well beyond Woodstock-era peace-love-etc or even 1990s Camille Paglia feminism by now. Every individual woman (and man) is a potential *generator* of a social-media message that could go global, a semi-public “version” of themselves (i.e. an image), a message that they may or may not have the wisdom or training to know how to craft *carefully*. Teens and early twenties in particular. Maturity is only earned over “real time” in most cases.

    Self-expression is fine. You know I’m a believer in it. But it should not be made into an idol-making industry, and that’s the vibe in the West these days. I want my son to meet and know and trust and be trustworthy with a real girl, not a deluded poser who doesn’t know any better than to follow the crowd or tease without thinking about its implications.

  3. I tend to take a pro-sex feminist view. There are a lot of layers there. The historical trend, however, runs counter to the expected narrative. As women have risen in status and education, sexual openness has also risen. The virgin-mother ideal has crumbled. A rise in pornography has occurred in tandem with a decline in rape. I could go on, but I’ll close by noting that yes, there are risks, but the world is better off with (safe) sexual permissiveness.

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