Posted by: Mark Nielsen | June 25, 2013

More Brat Pack Attack: Cruise Is Out. Who’s Still In?

Mark Nielsen:

Re-blogging a minor hit from the past that reviews the career arcs of Tom Cruise, lesser-known Brat Pack actors and actresses, and the chameleonic Johnny Depp (a Brat first -team alternate).

Originally posted on Marking Time:

The other day, Marking Time’s subject was 2010’s overall movie box office trends. But I’ve also noticed some trends in the realm of casting and acting that are worth a second look.

Chief among these trends: the old Brat Pack gang that I’ve written about in the past seems to have fallen on hard times. Other than Robert Downey Jr., that is.

Case in point: Tom Cruise’s Day and Knight – pretty much a flop back in June. Not long ago, Cruise crept back into public consciousness as an enduring performer by playing a hilarious key supporting role in the Frat Pack vehicle Tropic Thunder. But when it comes to playing a lead, maybe Tom’s not putting the butts in the seats anymore.

Just because I have it lying around from the last time I wrote about the Brat Pack, let’s review a bit of  Tom’s career.  Around 1981…

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