Posted by: Mark Nielsen | May 31, 2013

Hearing Distant Different Drummers (for John Bonham)

I awoke today with the opening lines to Led Zeppelin’s “Going to California” playing in my head:

“Spent the day with a woman unkind, smoked my stuff and drank all my wine.”

An hour later, to start off his radio show, WXRT’s Lin Brehmer ran a montage of Zeppelin and Bonham related audio, in honor of the late John Bonham’s birthday. The highlight, of course, was a clip from tv’s Arrested Development, in which Lindsey does not know JB’s long gone, but thinks he just died “last week” (she thinks someone else is Bonham… Duh).

Freaky deaky!

Are you trying to speak to me from the grave, John? If so, what are you saying? Stay away from selfish women? Stupid ones? Escape to California?

Henry David Thoreau once wrote that some of us are destined to move to the beat of “a different drum”. Is yours my drumbeat, John? If so, I wish it was one of those African talking drums, so I would understand better. I own a djembe now, though. So I will call you back shortly…

I am listening now, John. Bang it out in Morse code if you gotta, just don’t abandon me in my hour of need.



  1. I just watched a bit of “The Song Remains the Same” a few days ago. I haven’t listened to much Zeppelin in the last few years, but it was a reminder of just how good he was (and they were). But that’s not news and I’m sure won’t help explain Bonham’s mysterious recurrence in your day.

  2. […] Hearing Distant Different Drummers (for John Bonham) ( […]

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