Posted by: Mark Nielsen | April 26, 2013

George Jones, RIP – A Good Year for the Roses

Country/rockabilly singer and songwriter George Jones passed away today in Nashville. He was 81.

Country music ;pioneer George Jones, in 1975.

Country music ;pioneer George Jones, in 1975.

Here is the link to the obituary article.

I came to be a Jones fan partly thru listening to the “Classic Country” AM radio station in central Wisconsin when my family had a weekend lake cottage west of Oshkosh. The ancient garage radio only got AM stations, and the music seemed appropriate to the rural environment, so throughout the early ’00s I started dabbling in country music more than I ever had before.

My sister Laura had been a country fan for years, mostly, she said, because it was the most “real” music emotionally. I agreed, but as a stalwart “rocker” I will admit it took me a lot of years to warm up to country music as a genre. But Jones is one of the honest, funny, hard-drinkin’, distinctive songwriters and voices who helped me to come around. That, and the folk and rock artists who covered some of George’s songs, like James Taylor and Elvis Costello.

So long, ol’ “Possum”. You will be missed.


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