Posted by: Mark Nielsen | April 23, 2013

Richie Havens passes at 72 – a small tribute

English: Richie Havens Live, Musikhalle Hambur...

Richie Havens Live, Musikhalle Hamburg, May 1972 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I get the news via email today that Richie Havens has passed away. He was 72.

He was one of the greatest soul/folk troubadors ever (and a unique guitar player as well). I assume most people associate him with Woodstock and the whole Sixties hippie thing, and that’s certainly where I learned of his grace and talent (though I’m not old enough to have been a true hippie, being born in ’65). But Richie kept on keeping on long afterward, including some interesting work with Peter Gabriel on the “Ovo” project (I think it was late 90s, but don’t recall precisely).

Such a distinctive voice. It cuts to my core.

On Facebook I shared a favorite cut, “On the Road to Calvary”, from Richie’s 2002 solo record, _Wishing Well_ .

And here, some interview material from 1989, with richie talking to Rolling Stone about Woodstock and the whole vibe of that era, and what he was after as a performer throughout his career. —> Havens in 1989.

You always said your music was headed in a heavenly direction, Richie. Now you get the greatest audience you’ve ever had. Enjoy the rest… rest in the joy.

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