Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 24, 2013

Oscars 2013: We have a tie (real-time blogging, post #3)

Zero Dark Thirty wins for best sound editing, but surprisingly, Skyfall takes the twin Oscar for the same category. This does not happen often, people, so pay attention.

Chris Plummer coming aboard now! Ooops, not yet. But a good joke on us, about Sound of Music. Loves me some Plummer. Saw him onstage in the 1980s as Iago in Othello, with James Earl Jones as the Dark Moor. Awesome. Ah, memories.

Best Supporting Actress is up now. Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln… one of history’s classic manic-depressives (or just clinically depressed). Winner: Anne Hathaway!

Finally! I loves me some Anne Hathaway. She’s going to get about 3 more of these by the time she’s 70, if she makes it that far. If you have not seen her in “Rachel getting Married” (for which she was nominated), go see it tomorrow. Or as soon as you can.

time to post again… as we argue around here about Tim Burton and whether his “dark” vision saves or ruins whatever movie he does with Johnny Depp. Discuss amongst yourselves…







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