Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 24, 2013

Oscars 2013: real time blogging, post #1

I tried predicting Best Supporting Actor for Alan Arkin, but I was wrong. I figured Hollywood wanted to finally give this termedndous actor the attention he deserves, but Waltz got the nod. I don’t mind, but Arkin deserves it too.

This is the challenge of the Academy Awards: among five nominees in every category (ten for Best Pic now), any average Joe, and plenty of Oscar voters, can find a reason to vote for at least three of the five nominees. We all have our favorites, and that’s ok.

I’m also pleased that Life of Pi and Ang Lee are apparently early winners (cinematography, etc), because the move in American cinema toward international sensibilities can only be a good thing. American exceptionalism was passe ten years ago, and for the major cultural voices to finally admit this, is a sign of health and creative growth.

Seth MacFarlane is nailing it as a host, though I wonder if middle America actually knows it, or cares.

Speaking of international voices: a Brit wins for costume design, on Anna Karenia –a story that is Russian in origin. Les Mis is in a similar situation, winner on makeup, and probably will win 1-2 more by the time the night is up.

Doing the Bond tribute now, and my family is arguing about Best Bond. We’v e got Connery and Daniel Craign in a dead heat. It’s a good era to be a Bond fan. (For the record, I think Craig is the best, so far.)

Shirley Bassey, all of 65 or so years old, nails Goldfinger themesong. Yay  for old people who’ve still got it!

time to post!



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