Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 24, 2013

Oscars 2013, post 6 or so…

Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas (I think a former Best Director winner for China Syndrome) presenting for Best Director (where the big news this year is the snubbing of Affleck). My mother is comparing her age to these two, coming out the winner in comparison to Jan, maybe a tie or slight loser with Michael.

I’m glad Ang Lee won, cuz he’s a great filmmaker.

Ang, so unassuming. My sis Karen makes a vague Chines laundry reference about humility, and it hits me: yeah, he’s a true Chinese personality. Serves the story (by an Indian I think, Yann Martel), serves humanity as a whole, doesn’t want the glory for himself. You go, Ang.

Karen likes the McDonalds’  commercial with the real fisherman.

Best actress, up any minute. Jean DuJardin, last year’s best actor (hurrah for France), is presenter. We pausxe the tv, discuss the nominees, and the range of each. General consenus: Chastain had a tougher job than Lawrence. Young black girl is just a joy to watch on the clip, and I think Beasts of the Southern Wild will get a huge lift on DVD and in film history as a result of this year’s Oscars.

Meryl Streep presenting Best Actor now. General consensus here is that day-Lewis will win.

The winner: Daniel Day Lewis. Yay yay yay,. Record breaking performance. Go Ireland!

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