Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 24, 2013

Oscars 2013: post 2, real time blogging

Searching For Sugarman just won for best Doc feature, and Seth MacFarland is still killing it as the host.

We all liked the Lincoln/Day-Lewis/Wiles Booth tasteless joke about “getting into Lincoln’s head”, including the second joke: “150 years, still too soon?”

My sister Karen has the Samsung Galaxy S3, and her favorite app is a little Android thing called “Crickets”, for filling the awkward space after a bad joke… the sound of crickets.

Sis’ Laura’s here too, and her iPod touch is keeping us informed about various matters, like tommy Lee Jones’ previous Best Supporting win, for

Foreign feature just went to Amour from Austria. No surprise, and my sister Laura, an LPN at a nursing home, is quite glad. Again, …hurray for old people! (I’m getting there myself, though not there yet.)

Travolta is now doing a bit of intro for movie musicals of the past decade, starting with “Chicago”. I’m totally enjoying the “movie music” theme tonite, except the choice earlier to use the “Jaws” theme to play off the guy talking about his little charity cause longer than the producers or director thought was necessary.

Zeta-Jones rocked, and now into Jennifer Hudson from “Dreamgirls”. We’re unified in our love for Chicago’s own Jenny H up in here. But the insipid digital recorder has too many programs it’s trying to record simultaneously, so now the entire broadcast has STALLED for us, so we’ve mised most of Jennifer, and by the time we get back, Hugh Jackman and my secret crush Anne Hathaway are doing a Les Mis selection.

Russell Crowe’s there, with most of the rest of the Ldes Mis cast, and we’re now all about Cameron Mackintosh for th past few minutes. Such a great show, from one of the greatest novels ever. If you’re bored by today’s movies, go read a book… staring with Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.

We’re now at least 20 minutes behind the actual broadcast, thanks to more pauses and digital recording. Whatever… I guess “real time” is a myth anyway.

time to post again.




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