Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 24, 2013

Oscars 2013: last post, Ireland and Argo kick some serious butt

Daniel Day Lewis thanks wife Rebeecca for living with “some very strange men”. And thanks all the behind scenes people, including Kathleen Kennedy, Tony Kushner, Abe Lincoln himself, and his mom. What a great man, not to mention a great actor.

Nicholson presents Best Pic:

He’s got ego to spare, and I love him, but he’s wonderfully odd… like me.

Michelle Obama makes a surprise video cameo! Wild.

My mom: “Now that’s a dress!”, regarding Michelle.

Maybe they assume Lincon will win, so they want a presidential presence at the Oscars. Either way, a cool production choice.


Silver Linings Playbook


beasts of the southern wild

django unchained

Le mis


life of pi

Zero Dark Thirty

— — — — —

ARGO wins!

Ben wins. Clooney wins. America wins. Canada wins. Everybody wins.

May Iran and the rest of the world take note: justice and mercy win.












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