Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 5, 2013

Not a Leaf (original devotional/nature poem by Mark Nielsen)

One leaf

One leaf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not a Leaf

” …not even a sparrow falls to earth without the Father knowing” – Yeshua of Nazareth

See that leaf?
That one there, of the lowly poplar.
Along with that mama tree,
your Father in heaven
both celebrates and grieves
the falling of that single leaf.
It will get wet this winter, dry out, crackle,
be trod upon by bear and boy,
and in the spring,

will join with the soil
as the birthplace for a new life.

And the Father sees that other leaf,
its sister.
And the next (“There!”),
their cousin.
Not a leaf falls —
from that tree, or any other,
in any nation, on every mountain,
or deep in some dry, desolate valley
(where shade is so desperately needed) —
without the Father knowing,

but also smiling.

Neither will you fall without Him knowing.

Yes, this is a kind of death.
But spring is coming.
He is not done with you.
Some future glory will sink its roots into you,
and you will again be alive.



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