Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 3, 2013

Blackout Bowl – RealTime Blogging Lurches On

all my “real time” ambitions were sQuASHED by a bad Blackberry interface. But, here is my belated entry:

4:59 left in 3rd Qtr, and now we got a *game* on our hands. SF scores on a Gore run shortly after a long punt return, and it’s 28-20, finally a one-score game again.

The whole first half, for better or worse, I was living my typical Sunday life: early supper w/ Grandma and Graham, drove the boy back to his Mom’s by 7 (listening to game on WSCR, the CBS Sports affiliate in Chicago).

At 4:40 in 3rd Qtr, the official NFL “statement” (aka apology, groveling, ass-kissing, ass-covering) about the blackout is read by Jim Nantz on TV in somber tones. Nobody in the local bar cares, except maybe me.

At 4:10 – Mr. Brown of SF forces a fumble off Ray Rice, and Mr. MO is *clearly* with the 49ers in 2nd half. This is further confirmed when a missed field goal is erased on the ensuing drive by a “cheap” Raven penalty for running into the kicker.

17 points since power outage by SF, 0 by Baltimore.

Technical Difficulties of my OWN at last post attempt.

Now with about 9:57 left, after a Kaepernick TD run + missed 2 point try, it’s a 2 point game.

CBS may have lost a third of it’s viewers thanks to the blackout an hour ago, but those half-assed football fans are missing the best Super Bowl in years.

Posting now, c’mon back momentarily for my snarky comments about Beyonce and CBS’s Jim Gray.


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