Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 3, 2013

Blackout Bowl Pt. 4: Holding Pattern

0:16 to go, and Baltimore was seemingly just given the game by the so-called “All-Star” referee crew that has never worked together before.

A terrible No Call on an end zone reciever hold –for SF’s last offensive play– and Baltimore gets their cheap victory.

After an equally cheap, bad and boring Baltimore three-and-out, followed by the highest-profile, most lame punter Safety
in history… *Nobody* is happy about this ending. Except the handful of gamblers who had 4 and 1 in the quarterly pool.

I am curious to see what network or Louisiana Power or NFL heads will roll in the aftermath odf tonight’s train-wreck of a broadcast.

But we in the general public may never know… and I fully admit, most don’t care. They care about Beyonce… it’s the ol” bait-and-switch” again, right? Aw, whatevs…

The cute bartender reluctantly made me her “specialty” : a decidedly unoriginal Long Island Iced Tea, and the sour taste in my mouth after a drawn-out, aggravating game is not appeased by either good drink, or much hope that the world will now finally ignore two-faced ol’ Ray Lewis.

I’m bound for home. Lombardi is turning over in his grave, gonna take back his name from the trophy if a travesty like this occurs again in 2014.

Acts of God and power outages notwithstanding…


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