Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 3, 2013

Blackout Bowl Pt. 3: Bring the Shame

America clearly has its first completely corporatized holiday by now, and it IS the Super Bowl.

Oops. Should’ve said “Big Game”. Sorry, NFL. Don’t sue me.

I was shocked to hear a radio promo on WSCR, The Score earlier today , in which even THEY -the official CBS Sports affliliate in town, could NOT SAY “Super Bowl” to promote their cocverage, because they apparently had not paid for the privelege.

Meanwhile…. Baltimore just kicked a field goal. It’s a 5-point game now, and the trash talking among opposing fans at Legends sports bar in Bloomingdale, IL (co-owned by an alumnus of my high school) has begun in earnest. 4:19 to go.

I listened earlier to CBS Radio’s dweeby old Jim Gray “break” the news just as halftime started that Destiny’s Child (Beyonce’s former girl R&B hitmaking group) would reunite as a part of the halftime show.

Waterfalls? No Scrubs? Did I hear any o’ that. I don’t think so. The hype on the radio side, compared to truly AWFUL audio quality for Beyonce’s set, is further proof that this Emperor has NO CLOTHES.

2:00 Left and SF is threatenbing to take the lead– first + goal. But at 9:30pm, have all the parties that started at 4pm broken up already, with only die-hard NFL fans or fans of the two teams left to sweat through the closely contested finale of the NFL season? Does anyone actually care about the GAME on Super Sunday anymore? Did we ever?

OK, I DO. But I’m weird. That’s already been established. Ravens, Niners… who wants it more?

Have all the good commercials run already?



  1. Note to Self: *No Scrubs* and *Waterfalls* were by TLC, not Destiny’s Child. This is why you don’t do real-time, un-researched posts on a four-year-old Blackberry. Someone always gets hurt.

    RIP, “Left-Eye”… sorry I got it wrong.

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