Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 3, 2013

Blackout Bowl, Postscript

[This did not post properly Sunday night. Better late than never, right?]

Bears’ Sack Man and recent Hall of Fame inductee Richard Dent carried in The Big Trophy tonite. Kinda fun.

Joe Flacco (on the champions’ platform now briefly, MVP of the Super Bowl… 11 TDs + 0 picks in postseason) chose NOT to sign a re-up on his contract earlier this seaon. That boy gonna go to the Big Bank now with this victory.

Good for Joe… Seems humble and honest, a real blue collar hero. Coach John Harbaugh later said he has the fire, it’s just a “Joe fire”, apparently a more quiet and controlled blaze.

I was rooting for the Ravens early on, but didn’t care much either way. Now though, I wish it had been a tie, …instead of this bad taste in my mouth, this vague feeling the Niners got cheated in the final two minutes.

Back on the trophy platform- Ray Lewis: “When God is for you, who can be against you.”

Rebuttal by the local suburban Chicago bar owner, my host tonite: “Was God in the limousine when you watched a man get *shot* and looked the other way, Ray?”

This is the nature of dialogue about God + sports in the U.S. today. God cares not a whit who wins football games, Ray (same reminder for anyone else who dares speak for Him/Her and what God’s priorities are).

Meanwhile, my proprietor/host (not a friend, barely an acquaintance, though he is an alum of my high school, a year after me…) happens to be wearing a Notre Dame sweatshirt. Unfortunate choice, this. God seemed to abandon Notre Dame in its hour of need this winter.

Personally, I think Jesus is a baseball fan. It’s the original contemplative game, slower-paced, just made for family conversation and odd, beautiful moments to be savored. But that’s just me…

Most of the bar regulars, at 10:05pm, are heading out or already gone by now. The 3-4 lonely, probably single, middle-aged men like me who are left (and the off-duty employees) have stayed cuz they have nothing to go home to, and/or they don’t care much about job performance Monday morning. Me, I had Irish coffee earlier, so I’m both wide awake and also in that “nothing to go home to” category, …so I’ll stay a bit longer.

10:10pm, and I’m now being subjected to a repeat of an episode of CBS’s”Elementary”, the newish, very AVERAGE Sherlock Holmes-themed cop show on CBS this season. Local news apparently got completely bumped by the blackout.

Guest star Gerald McRaney, on Elementary, just got up off a hospital gurney and shot a few people. Meanwhile, the barkeep here is still sorta waving her breasts in my face, looking for a better tip. It’s a sad, strange, wonder-filled world, ladies and gents.


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