Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 11, 2012

Last Cornerstone (original poem)

Abandoned church in PA

Last Cornerstone          by Mark Nielsen, August 2012

from quarry to chapel to dumpster
these bricks traveled far
to arrive here where their songs to heaven now are ending.
the cornerstone was the first to go in
now it is the last to be removed.
we do not construct anything anymore.
now we only deconstruct.
we will use the cornerstone
in our private garden
and the mahogany front door
as a custom coffee table
while the old foundation
will be developed (using borrowed money) as vacant retail space.
maybe a Bed, Bath & Beyond to anchor the strip mall.

we used to own the sky.
our steeple was the tallest structure
for five miles in every direction.

now we don’t even own the land.


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