Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 3, 2012

Body Text (for Don Cornelius) – original poem by Mark Nielsen


soultrain (Photo credit: Pants Pants)

Body Text

(for Don Cornelius, 1936-2012)

by Mark Nielsen – Feb. 3, 2012

“Send this email without text in the body?”

Text in the body.
The body is a text.
The heart is a chapter.
Blood vessels: verses,
capillaries: words.

But life, sometimes, is a sentence.

Take hold of the lyrics and chords of your hand:
The lines of your palm,
like the lines on your face,
sing out your essential story.
And no one’s hand fits your own left
better than your right.
But you need not let the left
know what the right hand is doing.
For them to dance with each other
is enough.

The hands will settle each other down —
no more anxious fluttering or wasted work.
They will know what to do next.

The body knows how the song ends,
even if the mind does not.

The Great Soul Brother,
The Soul of Souls,
has planted the story’s seed
in your flesh and in your feet.
The Singer impregnates your soul’s unseen womb,
and whispers sweet somethings in your ear:
not secrets, but a sacred song
made for all to hear,
embodied in an embrace, a tear —
a love story with no words.

Have no fear.

Wash, eat, sleep, dance.
Care for your sacred text,
hold it dear.

Hold your body as wholly sacred,
And as with yours, so honor mine.

Help me in my fear to write rhymes

for each graceful movement and funky bass line.
We will sing our bodies’ stories out loud,
and watch as our Author draws near

just in time.



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