Posted by: Mark Nielsen | December 20, 2011

Jon Bon Jovi dead (again) at 49

Jon Bon Jovi

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International Rockstar Legend Jon Bon Jovi dead again at 49.

The “Wanted, dead or alive” comments will be flying fast & furious about this one. I was not a huge fan of Bon Jovi’s music, but the man did carry himself honorably as a person.

A decent actor, too (though don’t let that cause you to spend $10 on his current “New Year’s Eve”… I hear it’s awful despite some good actors, and as a cheap grab for holiday movie-goers cash, I’m betting it is in fact pretty shallow and bad).

I’m not even sure why I feel called to respond publicly to Jon’s passing. Maybe it’s a “fellow Italian” thing.

Or maybe about striking a balance between “pop culture” and more serious culture, given the passing also this week of three other major cultural influences: North Korea’s Kim Jong Il, Vaclav Havel (playwright & former Czech president), and Christopher Hitchens (foremost international spokesman for atheists and champion of scientific thinking).

It also strikes me as ironic in the face of my post last week about death, Thomas a’ Kempis and his classic book “The Imitation of Christ”. Indeed, we all need reminders now and then that tomorrow is not promised to us (as Thom blathers on about), so we can let that fact lead us to greater spiritual discipline, and appreciation of what is possible or what is good about today.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” (Matt. 5:4)



  1. How can you even write this horrendous lie? First, look at the inconsistency of the  “facts”: Rock Star is 2 words, not one; how does a person become “DEAD AGAIN”, he was found in a “coma” in a “HOTEL SUITE” in his HOME STATE of New Jersey (WHY would he be in a hotel again?); paramedics raced to the scene AFTER receiving a call from his “HOME”; he was in “full cardiac arrest”, “not breathing” AND comatose? I’m a doctor (PhD) and these things do NOT HAPPEN! You’ve also misspelled his name, a stupid mistake (his birth name is actually GIOVANNI FRANCIS BONJIOVI, JR- a FACT easily checked, you moron! . Jon NEVER had a heart attack; NEVER stopped breathing; NEVER was comatose; NEVER was at the hotel your story places him at (at least at that time); a phone call was NEVER made from his home; he was NEVER attended by medical personnel; no medical staff (paramedics, hospital or otherwise) and NO law enforcement personnel EVER made any of these statements your “story” attributes to them. I do like the “sources say on the condition of anonymity” quotes that liars always use, nice touch. WHAT “detectives are investigating”; who or what is “BON JOVI TEAM” that rushed to his bedside where he apparently suffered yet ANOTHER cardiac arrest; Which “NJ COUNTY CORENER” is performing the autopsy? AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY WHY ARE PARTS OF THIS LIE (can’t call it a story) EXACT DUPLICATES & WORDING USED IN THE STORIES REPORTING THE DEATH OF MICHAEL JACKSON (WORD FOR WORD)? BECAUSE THIS IS A LIE AND YOU ARE A LIAR! Jon SHOULD sue you, there are SEVERAL legitimate claims that could find you facing several charges with fines and/or prison time (did I mention my other PhD is n law and I’d take the case pro bono just to bring you to face the justice you so richly deserve- and Jon can afford an entitre team of attorneys). Others you “named” as sources, if the names are actually real people also have legitimate grounds for lawsuits against you & I’d represent them pro bono, as well.  But since the rest of the lie is made up, so why not the few names you “quoted”? But, Jon is a genuinely NICE GUY- he’s already laughing & making jokes about your stupid concoction of lies. He will probably go about attending to his music and business; being a family man and spending Christmas with his lovely family; and continuing his OUTSTANDING charity work with the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation & other charity work (like the concert he played AFTER you wrote this ridiculous pack of lies that raised $175,000.00). Which all makes him a bigger and better man. What is your f*cking problem? Why did you feel the need to write this vicious lie? Do you not like the music & the Bon Jovi business? The loving & devoted family man? The life saving charity work, time, hard work & money he donates as well as the NUMEROUS other ways he “gives back”? The success? Or are you just a mean, petty, stupid, pathetic, jealous liar- with a boring, mundane, equally pathetic life- and you have NOTHING better to do than sit on your ass in front of a computer screen and make up LIES? I suspect it to be all of the above and the fifteen minutes of fame you thought you might receive. You did not stop to consider for a second the harm that could have been done to this man’s family, his CHILDREN, if they read a pack of lies like this and the trauma it would cause them fearing their loved one/husband/father was DEAD- all so you could grab yourself a headline & a bit of notoriety. You are a sick, disgusting, twisted person. You need psychological help and some JAIL TIME! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF, BUT YOU’RE PROBABLY TOO STUPID. Oh yeah, PLEASE be a COWARD & delete this comment- I’m posting it in it’s entirety on my website so the entire world will know what a pathetic liar you are! 

    • I did not write the original BonJovi story, I foolishly re-posted the headline & link (I think just by hitting a Facebook button), without verifying the truth. I barely skimmed the material. Didn’t find out it was an internet hoax (my first to be burned by, btw) till a day or two later. Should have known better. Sorry folks. And rock on, Jon!

  2. […] one celebrity more or less on the planet really matter THAT much? My own prior post, seen here, was actually not so much about Jon, but about just such an imbalance in American popular culture […]

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