Posted by: Mark Nielsen | December 6, 2011

The Revelation: To Tube or Not YouTube

A couple weeks back, my brother-in-arms author and blogger David Zimmerman gave a brilliant shout-out to one of my favorite musicians ever, the late Gil Scott-Heron (who died at age 62 this past May).

Using a similar but digitally updated critique of Western pop culture– and in the same pre-hip hop rap style that Scott-Heron pioneered– Dave hits the nail on the head. Here’s an excerpt:

The Revelation will not return to your video shortly
After a message about whiter teeth, whiter sheets, or whiter people.
You will not have to worry about performing in your bedroom,
drying your eyes, or mastering your thighs.
The Revelation will not go better with Coke.
The Revelation will not save you fifteen percent or more on your car insurance.
The Revelation will, however, get you off your high horse.

Go to Dave’s blog Loud Time for the full text. It’s hilarious, controversial, saddening, maddening, and well-worth your time. Whether you are  a child of the Seventies (when the original song was a minor hit), or of the Teens (izzat what we’re calling this decade?), it will likely stir up some interesting discussion.

Doesn’t Everything go better with Coke?


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