Posted by: Mark Nielsen | October 11, 2011

New Beat Attitude (original anti-human-trafficking poem)

Representation of the Declaration of the Right...

Declaration of the Rights of (Man) & of the Citizen, France, 1789 ...meanwhile, in many a former French, British, Spanish, Dutch or Belgian colony, it's a different story for women and the poor

New Beat Attitude

by Mark Nielsen, 10/4 (“Good buddy”) thru 10/11/11 (A Digital Wonderland Date)

[for the trafficked and trashed girls of International Justice Mission and other victims of human rights abuse]

Blessed are the risk takers
For they shall wear their battle scars like a crown.
Blessed are the ball-breakers,
For every ego, even mine, melts and forms in God‘s fiery forge.
Blessed are the earth-shakers,
For mountains were made to dance — to move and be moved.
Blessed are the faith-fakers,
For every self-deluded sinner fakes it till sHe makes it.
Blessed are the belly-achers,
For there is sure as hell a lot to complain about.

Blessed are the mirror-breakers,
For the only good narcissus is a flower.
Blessed are the idle makers (not the idolmakers),
For they shall be called useful but unemployed.

Blessed are you when they package, poke or process you,
trying to squeeze Me out of you, or take the fight outta you —
but you, I trust you to see right through, you know what to do.

Yes, there need be blood, it won’t wash out with water.
If you’re willing there’s a filling; name your price, I bought her.
I caught her, I taught her, now she’s doin’ what she oughta,
Out from under evil’s thumb, not some lamb to be slaughtered.


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