Posted by: Mark Nielsen | October 4, 2011

Musical Wanderings

American MC Common performing at Store Vega, C...

The Common One. Image via Wikipedia

Sha la la la la.

Thanks to our friend Mr. Interwebs, here’s the eclectic mix of stuff I was able to listen to today in various formats, thanks to having cool friends who recommend stuff, a few select free “memberships”, and some time to explore, of course:

Folk/blues/comedy guy (from Memphis I think) Todd Snider –three new “live” videos at Rolling Stone Live.

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, from 1961, a B&W tv thing on youtube… A Night in Tunisia, all 8-plus glorious minutes of it. Twice.

Faith-filled folk-rocker and activist Derek Webb (formerly of Caedmon’s Call), whose show I’m going to see on 10/16. – “Wedding Dress” at YouTube.

Chi-town’s own conscious rapper Common: a brand new song called Blue Sky. Maybe this link  will get you there, I dunno. I’m just testing here…


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