Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 26, 2011

Nothing Rhymes With Faith – original poem by Mark Nielsen

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Nothing Rhymes With Faith                     by Mark Nielsen, 9-26-11

“By an act of faith, Abraham said yes…”  [Heb. 11:8-10 (The Message)]

I was going to write a perfect little poem
About seeing, and being, with eyes of faith.
Only nothing in English rhymes with faith,
Except, yet again, of course, more faith.

If we were reading Ye Olde King James
(Limping along, feeling lame, ashamed —
Fuzzy on what the words really mean
But too faithless to risk maybe making a scene)

We might come up with a word like saith,

As in “Thou art dust.” Thus saith the LORD.
But the word on the page is dustier still,
And confusion a pill we cannot afford,
For fake fancy words make most of us ill.

So it stands to reason when it comes to faith,
We have to rhyme with words that come close
In spirit, or partly in sound, like “grace”…
Or “teeth” (which faith has, to chew the Host).
And in living out faith, we make the most

Of our muddy near-misses, and those of the world,

Always forgiving the imperfection
Yet spying intent, and misdirection.
“Trust but verify” regarding your wise men
The Word in your heart out-faiths five of them.



  1. You would think having grown up in various churches I would not have such an aversion to “King James” English but it’s actually the vary reason I do. The song “How Great Thou Art” has a great melody and message but the thys, haths, thees, and thou arts irk me because it was written in the 20th century.

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