Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 23, 2011

There are folk heroes, and then there are just plain ol’ heroes

The Boss, and that guy Bruce Springsteen.

Pete Seeger: Folk singer, friend of the disenfranchised, musical and mystical warrior. I can’t believe he’s still kickin’ it. He’s 92!  Told Obama at the ’08 Inauguration that he stays fit by living in the woods and chopping wood.

When he goes, it’s a possible sign that The End really is near and God’s given up on us. (Not that He/She really *would*, I’m just sayin’ …for 60+ years prophets like Pete been hollerin’, but we refuse to listen.)

Oh, and speaking of old-timey greatness, check out this image below of “This Land Is Your Land”. It’s in Woody Guthrie’s own handwriting –including the more directly religious/justice-seeking “God” line (later changed), from when he first scrawled it in 1940.

Yes, what’s “made” would seem to require a Maker. But in this earlier version, it seems Woody was questioning whether God intended to bless everyone equally, or if powerful people were presuming to “play God” with the lives of poor people– those forced to go to the “Relief Office” to get something to eat. So if you think you’ve got it bad this week, just remember: if you’re reading this, you most likely haven’t stood in a bread line lately.

The Mona Lisa or "Guernica" of American music. (Image compliments of )

Also… if I ever  get back to “N.Y., N.Y., N.Y.” (as he calls it), I’m gonna check and see what’s at this address now… see if they put up a monument, or just built another idiotic, overpriced Starbuck’s franchise.


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