Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 8, 2011

Let the Fantasy Begin!

Gotta win me some money for my piggy bank!

Okay. I know it’s just fantasy football, nothing involving some beautiful Hollywood starlet… but I’m still allowed to be psyched.

(Especially because this baseball season in Chicago has been nothing to write home about.)

For about the sixth year I’m doing a private league with some friends, with a little more money riding on the outcome at season’s end. And I’m also doing a more low-key league through Redeemer Church. Being in any sports league (EVEN A VIRTUAL ONE) gives one a bit of a sense of community. So what if we’re not often seeing each other face-to-face. It’s just fun to trash talk a bit, and to get overly emotional about stuff that’s ultimately pretty shallow and unimportant. (What? You mean Peyton Manning possibly being out for the season is not as important as Middle Eastern wars and high unemployment?!)

NFL is big business now, though. So fantasy football is no blip on the map economically, either. For example, I’ve attended our drafts mostly in people’s backyards, but I know plenty of other leagues book a private room in some bar, or rent/purchase high-tech elements to make it go smoothly. Plus individuals are proving they’re willing to pay for information, a new app, or some other product to give them an edge.

Partly by chance, and partly due to better draft position and strategy, I’m more confident in my team for the B2 “friend” league than I am in the church league. But win or lose, it’s just nice to get back to some smashmouth football finally. It’s been a heck of a weird year for me, so I can really use the distraction right now.



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