Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 7, 2011

Durang, Durang Doo-lang (Sr. Mary: Explained)

Jesus Statue in front of Central Catholic High...

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I’ve been reading some oldish, goofball comedy plays this week by Christopher Durang. Started with Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You. Quite irreverant, but also funny as h-  h- …heck?

Anyone who went to Catholic school, especially if you are over say 45 or 50, will  appreciate the painful comic tweak of a well-meaning but ultimately murderous nun and intolerant schoolteacher.

I think Durang is also gay… which may explain some of his “baggage”. But he’s asking a few genuine questions about the role of suffering in God’s Creation, too. So don’t write him off as another “sour grapes” former believer. 

His other plays are great also, such as Beyond Therapy (made into a movie). So if you get tired of nonfiction or even novels… why not try a play from the public library?


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