Posted by: Mark Nielsen | July 18, 2011

Butt Birding in the Chicago Suburbs

Mom's mulberry tree, which flocks from surrounding blocks love to come eat from.


I discovered today, to my pleasant surprise, that I have a very good built-in birdwatching spot right out our back door. My mother’s townhouse has the above mulberry tree out back, and this morning I did some of what my friend Spencer calls “butt birding”.

Birds were stopping by for a bite to eat from down the block in both directions. There were robins, finches, I think a swallow, maybe some grackles, cardinals — and the singer of a song I heard that was probably from a warbler, …but I did not see him/her. So I had a grand little coffee-fueled quiet time/meditation, as my winged neighbors kept flying in for what is their version of a McDonald’s drive-thru.

This tree was hoppin’, too, let me tell you. We had a similar mulberry tree in the back yard of the Wisconsin lake house that I just had to sell back in April. So lately I’ve been missing that opportunity, to watch my little friends come and chow down, as well as to see the hummingbirds come to our Wisconsin liquid feeder. Last Friday, I put up the hummingbird feeder by Mom’s deck, so now we’ll see if the Wisconites’ cousins drop by for a little sip of something.

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