Posted by: Mark Nielsen | May 30, 2011

Money, Masons, and Memorial Day BBQs

Christian icon of the Eye of Providence emphas...

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I traded friendly barbs with a literal card-carrying Republican uncle of a friend at yesterday’s BBQ.

Proudly shows me his GOLD RNC card, then he pulls a dollar bill from his wallet and points to the pyramid with the eye atop it, claims it’s the all-seeing eye of God.

So then I tooks his dollar, corrects him by reminding all present that it’s a Masonic symbol (i.e. not necessarily Christian), and then I throws out that biblical line about $ as the root of all evil. Then I tries to pocket the dollar: “Can I have some of your evil, Frank?”

He wouldn’t let me keep it.

So now I know what side of the bread he butters, at least. On the other hand, I suppose we wuz both drinking for free… compliments of my hard-working aunt. Full disclosure, friends… always full disclosure…


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