Posted by: Mark Nielsen | March 11, 2011

West Wind (break-up song lyric – a work in progress)

Jason Mraz at Campo Pequeno, March 19, 2009

West Wind (Another Sort of Breakup Song)    3/8-9/2011 Mark Nielsen

West Wind, we’ve come this far
But I feel like a dimly burning star
Just about to go out in a puff of smoke
Like an awful punch line in a pretty good joke

I dream of a fire in the house down the street
but it turns out the fire is right here where I eat
So now gone is the woman I cared about
Not to mention some things I can sure do         without

‘Cause a wind blew in a storm from the west
and the man on TV said “This is not a test”. 
And the rainstorm, it put out the fire in my         heart
But it left me a burning, yearning scar.

Oh Oh West Wind, let me say my friend
Oh Oh West Wind I hope this is not just an end (backup: “Not the end”)
But a new beginning.

That wind out of nowhere brought me here
And I don’t know why but one thing is clear
There is no going back. I am under attack.
I’ll be lucky to leave with the shirt on my back.

Strange how there’s no defense
I feel every blow, and it’s so intense.
But the new wind that heals me is heaven-sent.
I surrender. It’s over. There’s no argument.

I felt before (that) I was not enough
But you showed I was wrong and you called my bluff
Let me say to you all, if you think this is tough
(Well) you’re right, but I’ll make it. I’ve got the right stuff.


Y’know, the moment that I let go of her
And admitted the whole thing was over,
That (old) West Wind came back and he carried me
To a freedom that till now I could not see.

I’m okay right now with being alone
And my friend the West Wind has brought me home.
I can see the sun, and the sky is clear.
I am on my way. I have faced my fear.

Chorus X2 ( with word “know” in place of previous “hope”. )

[Author’s note: This song actually did emerge from a “fire dream” I had this week. The melody and overall vibe I have in mind (that I also dreamed) is sort of a Jason Mraz/Sheryl Crow up-tempo, talky-singy style.]

[ And yes… for those not in the loop yet, this is my creative, quite un-official public announcement that Sue and I are in the process of a divorce. Call my use of a song unique. Call it bad taste. Call it necessity. Call it “typical Mark”. However we need to handle the news, and the transition itself, there ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it. Those who want to hear more can call or email me, and I am okay to talk about it one-on-one. As for how it will show up henceforth on Marking Time, I really don’t know. I’m doing fine given the circumstances, but I never was one to be able to hit a good curve ball, and that’s surely what this has been.]



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