Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 26, 2011

Shooting Stars in the West (original poem)

Artist’s impression of how the surface of Plut...

Surface of Pluto (artist's impression)


Shooting Stars in the West  – by Mark Nielsen

The red dwarves–

those old lady stars in their lacy hats–

drive a ’68 Ford Galaxie to the Andromeda Grille

as their Early Bird dinner destination.

(Bertha heard the Beef a’ la Armstrong Special

was very fine indeed.) 

The Seven Sisters

take their Motown-style singing act

on the road to Pluto

that rogue planet which, like Old Cuba,

has now become a haven for gangsters,

space pirates and other shooting stars.

Proud Pleides Mary, the soprano,

believes these lovely ladies are sure to be a hit.

Meanwhile the blue giants,

Local 218,

are out on strike.

Their employer, the Cancer Conglomerate,

sent hundreds of jobs across the border

to low wage (but stellar) workers

in nearby Leo.

Union steward Oscar Lukasic–

third star from the right over The Crab’s shoulder–

says management has to be held accountable,

no matter what the suits and shareholders

chasing a buck have in mind.

The blue blinkers in Aries

threw an anniversary party

for Sheratan and Lucida Ventris last Sunday;

Bad Bart the black hole

is due for release from jail any day now;

and all in all it’s a great big circus atmosphere

out here in Earth’s neighborhood,

the rugged frontier territory

on the west side of the Milky Way.


  1. […] about my affection for Pluto. He got a shout out in an original and humorous astronomy-themed poem over here, plus my little micro-business producing marketing communication material for Mom-&-Pop […]

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