Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 11, 2010

Christians on Fire

For burning down, or keeping warm?

My prayer for North America, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, the gulf regions (Persian and Mexican), and all civilized, decent people everywhere (No! Strike that– this prayer is especially for the uncivilized, the indecent, the ignorant, the mis-led and all who are in need of the Light on 9-11-2010)   :

May We All Burn In the One Way, Burning With Love As He Still Burns

–not like a Q’ran, nor a building, nor a flag, but with our whole heart, with the Holy Spirit and Her tongue of fire feeding the flame, and finally, may PEACE rise like a Firebird from the ashes.   “Better to burn out than to fade away”, my old pal Neil he say. Now go on out and make some peace today!

*  *  * * *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *

More Good News:

I finally found a reason to at least appreciate Twitter, though I still refuse to participate directly.

I couldn’t make it to the Christian Community Development Association conference here in Chicago this week, due to starting my new job and just generally being stretched thin lately. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to keep up with a bit all my urban ministry “friends and relations” thru facebook, . . . and as of this morning, thru twitter, via the conference’s choice to re-tweet certain items from various attendees.

So w/o further ado, I will now blogify the re-tweets, for your edification and informationalization:

  • New Vision Renewable Energy will be hosting a Solar Power Demo on Sat, Sept. 11 from 9am to 11am at Park Community Church.
  • bandedearth Most evry1 realizes there’s pain n the Native American community, not any1 realizes how deeply the pain is n our blood” @wirelesshogan #ccda (Kevin Bowman, Roselle, IL)
  • Jacloninger The people who have the answers are the people who have the problems. @iamccda #ccdaabout 20 hours ago via Twitter for iPhoneRetweeted by iamccda and 1 other
  • WesleyanNative Navajo leader Mark Charles at #CCDA conf in Chicago asks “Have you ever thanked a Native person for the land you’re living in?”about 18 hours ago via Facebook
  • “God meets us n pain b/c pain makes us think much clearer & removes r selfishness. That’s y Paul says rejoice n pain” -Dr John Perkins #ccda [NOTE: Perkins is one of the founders of CCDA]

See?! Evn tho I dont lik short, cryptic msgs used to comm’cate complex ideas, I can still do it!


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