Posted by: Mark Nielsen | August 27, 2010

On spiritual maturity and “going to ground”

When a book isn't even out yet and it's already having an impact... I pay attention.

I don’t recall if I noted for my blog readers the emergence of another good men’s spirituality site, So here I will do so.

It’s an effort put together by loyola press, in conjunction with Richard Rohr’s forthcoming LP book _On the Threshold of Transformation: Daily Meditations for Men_ . But far from being a promo blog, it’s turning into a spot for deep reflection on our experiences, both challenging and powerful. I posted a comment there this morning, and feeling it as a gift from God –not entirely coming from me– I decided to re-post it here. But don’t stop here. Hop over to Men on the Journey and read the original article that inspired the comment below.

Mark Nielsen August 27, 2010 at 9:41 am

“Every second, every minute/it keeps changing to something different/Enlightenment. don’t know what it is./It says it’s non-attachment (non-attachment, non-attachment)/I’m in the here and now and I’m meditating/and still I’m suffering, but that’s my problem/Enlightenment, don’t know what it is. //Wake up. ” -Van Morrison, _Enlightenment_, (c) 1990.

The search for the pulse of God, the mere asking of these questions, opens the door to enlightenment and drives us gently to “ground”.
Though I also have noticed that I have less certitude at 45 than I had (and needed) at 25, the trade-off is that I am much stronger in terms of my inner stability (call it wisdom, confidence, faith, there are many things tied into it). I don’t need to *know*, to *do*, to *be affirmed* as much as I once did.

As for “change” vs. stasis/listening, there is a difference between being dug in– stuck in a foxhole, averse to change and defensive by nature– and being prone before God… on the ground. Or at least with feet on the ground, walking forward calmly, “grace”-fully dodging the bullets –or sometimes getting hit and bleeding some, knowing that even this sickness is not unto death, but so that God may be glorified.


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