Posted by: Mark Nielsen | July 31, 2010

Rohr, Bishop Tutu & Men’s Rites of Passage

” The most outstanding thing about my time with Desmond Tutu was his happiness, even as a man in his late 70s or early 80s! He seemed to find humor in so much of his life, even the hard parts when he was leading the marches against apartheid. I guess the single bit of advice that I will most remember is that he told me that people like him and me are just “light bulbs”! People see what they think is our light, praise us, and give us all the credit. With his smile and a wink, he told me that, “We both know that if the light bulb gets unscrewed from The Socket, there is no light at all. It goes out. That is what we truthfully know, and we must always know to keep ourselves both humble and honest.”

What good advice—and for you, too, our fellow “light bulbs”! ”

-Richard Rohr, OFM in July 2010

They’re prepping for a Men’s Rites of Passage in South Africa in early 2012 . Such great news!

Also, it’s not too late to register for the Men’s Rites in Illinois, coming up August 14-18, 2010. Click thru from the link above to get started, and to perhaps awaken from the sleepy, dissatisfied dream you may presently find yourself lost within.

My favorite memory of Desmond Tutu is of that same joy and inclusiveness, in his appearance on The Daily Show With John Stewart , circa 2004. I think Tutu had just put out a memoir. As a regular viewer of The Daily Show, I can attest that I have seldom seen Jon more impressed and moved than when he was talking to the Archbishop.

Now that’s the kind of Christian witness I can stand behind.

Let your light (bulb) shine, ladies and gents.

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